What’s been going on?

Can’t believe how fast time is going! It’s already May and the summersun in shining on us again. Spring came so late this year and we were worried the rain was never going to come after last summer, the ground was so dry and up until March we almost didn’t have any grass growing on our land so it was a struggle having to water the gardens and make sure the animals got food. But finally in March it started raining and it kept on raining all through March and April. And now we are in May and the sun is shining and the weather is getting hot and we are back to watering the gardens and preparing all the summer crops.
In february we finished a second smaller polytunnel that is now the nursery for seedlings, trays and pots, and the big tunnel has gotten more boxes. Other than that the garden is slowly getting bigger and bigger with more gardens beds and a new area for melons and pumpkins,Β  we are planting alot and things are growing and flowing and we are eating amazing food from our gardens everyday.
Since last time we have also been fencing alot around our land to make sure the sheeps have spaces to graze and lots of pasture to move around on, and the chickens have a new house and a big outside area to freerange on.
Now we are working on a ferrocement water tank, a pergola for some shade in the summer and just getting prepared for our little one to arrive soon.

love & light /grow&flow


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