December update

Can’t believe its already December! We had a long warm and dry summer here in Portugal and still we haven’t really had any real rain, but the winter reached our little farm for real now in December and we have had frosty mornings and chilly nights which means the wood stove has been going strong and we have been cozying it up by the fire. So what has happened since summer, well it’s been alot of watering the gardens and we have started selling our organic vegetables to some local customers. End of summer and autumn the gardens produced an abundance of awesome veg and it felt so good to start selling and sharing the surplus. We have also had some new animals move onto the farm and we now have 1 sheep, 2 lambs and 2 goats sharing the land with us, and of course still our chickens, rabbits and our puppy. The sheep Greta was pregnant when we got her and she gave birth to the little lamb Luna earlier this year. So we have spent time fencing and creating pasture for the animals and we are at the moment building a new big chicken coop so we can get some more birds and make sure they have a nice open space. Other than that we have been picking olives since November up until now, its been alot of olives this year and so far we have managed to pick 860kgs of olives that we took to the olive press last week to press into olive oil. We got 130 liters of olive oil back and it is amazing quality so other than using a lot for ourselves we will have a lot over to sell and share aswell.

Our little wood house/bungalow has been great for us and we have now been living here since June. It has been cold since the winter really hit but the wood stove heats it up real nice so during the evenings and cold mornings we just have to start a fire to make sure we stay warm.


may all beings be happy,

LOVE /grow&flow


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