We have 3 wells on the land but since summer started the water in the wells have been going down quickly and the neighbors warned us that the water would probably run out during summer. We have been using drinking water from the local fountain in the village and the water from our wells for watering and cleaning. In July we noticed there was only about 1 meter water left in the wells so it was time to sort out that problem.
Since we know we want to expand our gardens and keep growing as much as possible we need to be sure we have water available.
So just as we started discussing how to solve this a neighbor showed up who just happens to have a good friend who does bore holes for a cheap price in the area. So 1 week later they showed up, walked around with their stick they use to find where to drill for water, found a good spot and then came back a week later to drill the hole.
We were lucky and they found alot of water so we are very happy! Now we just need to get the new proper pump installed which will probably take a couple of weeks, and then we will hopefully finally have running water.



2 thoughts on “Waterhole

  1. Jazz

    Hello! My partner and I are looking to buy land near Penamacor and would need to drill a bore hole. Could I ask how much it cost you in the end and could you give us the details of your friend who drilled the hole? That would be wonderful 🙂 Thanks!



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