Getting sorted

Before we arrived to Portugal we spent alot of time thinking about our options once we would get here and since there were no infrastructure on the land, no electricity, running water or housing we had to plan ahead.  We bought the tipi which is 6x6m big and for storage we ordered a 12m long shipping container which we had delivered a week after we came in March. We also pre ordered a solar system that we have now gotten installed and the solar panels are all attached to the top of the container, and the batteries are inside. To keep the container from getting too hot we isolated a little by covering the walls with strawbales. So since some time in April, after having spent over a month without electricity we finally got our system up and our electricity running.

The container is the only secure storage area we have at the moment so we store all tools and materials in there aswell as the refrigerator/freezer and food.

Also bought our “new” blue truck Nisse here in Castelo Branco.



Anton & Liv


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