New day – Portugal it is

So we made it to Portugal!
Around 2 years ago we started planning our move out of the city, Barcelona, and we hoped to find a place were we could live with the land and the surroundings and enjoy every day while working to create a future for all and everything around us. After considering countries like Spain, Greece, Sweden and Portugal we ended up buying land in Escalos de Baixo, Castelo Branco in Central Portugal, about 2 hours from Lisboa by car.

Anton spent time in the region in January and decided on going through with the purchase and on the 2nd of March we packed our bags and left Barcelona with just 20kg of clothes each.

We stayed in a guest house for 3 nights then got our new Tipi tent up and moved on to the land. We spent the first nights freezing our asses off and working on gathering and chopping up fire wood while the rain poured down. Before getting our wood burner we tried having a fireplace in the tent which created a smoke fest and we were running outside to be able to breath.

All the people we have gotten to know here so far are amazing and helping us out with most stuff so we are really feeling welcome. Eating great food everyday while drinking homemade wine basically for free and meeting nice new people. So we are doing great! But we are also working hard as hell to clean up the land, planting, gathering water, collecting materials, chopping down tress, studying the language etc.  Every day is new and we are so happy to be here.

We now have about 2.8 hectares of land filled with olive trees, oaks, pine, thorn bushes, 1 stonehouse ruin, 3 wells, orange trees, fig trees, herbs and so much more, plus all the animals already living here. Zero neighbors in site and about 5 min by car to get in to the village.



cropped-img_20160114_110823594_hdr.jpgIMG_20160114_103339660_HDR IMG_20160114_103244603IMG_20160303_125504087
IMG_20160304_100737721 IMG_20160304_112626271_HDR IMG_20160304_122619115 IMG_20160304_124617866 IMG_20160304_132406564_HDR IMG_20160304_132411858 IMG_20160305_123012477_HDR IMG_20160305_123039679 IMG_20160305_123109351  IMG_20160305_165716729_HDR IMG_20160309_182012412 IMG_20160317_182139292IMG_20160310_100301169   IMG_20160311_164834383  IMG_20160113_160123876_HDRIMG_20160113_160116625 IMG_20160311_181302414




Liv Lundmark & Anton Bergendorff


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